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Petition against the reactosphere

Believe it or not, life is stirring in old Europe. The fate of that sad continent has always reminded me of a fantasy novel I read when I was 18 and read fantasy novels, Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana. As La Wik explains:
The plot focuses on a group of rebels attempting to overthrow both tyrants and win back their homeland. Many of the rebels are natives of the province of Tigana, which was the province that most ably resisted Brandin: In a crucial battle, Brandin's son was killed. In retaliation for this, Brandin attacked Tigana and crushed it more savagely than any other part of the Palm; then, following this victory, he used his magic to remove the name and history of Tigana from the minds of the population. Brandin named it Lower Corte, making Corte, their traditional enemies to their north, seem superior to a land that was all but forgotten.

Only those born in Tigana before the invasion can hear or speak its name, or remember it as it was; as far as everyone else is concerned, that area of the country has always been an insignificant part of a neighbouring province, hence the rebels are battling for the very soul of their country.
When we Americans contemplate the depressing spectacle of "European socialism" - ie, American socialism, sent by airmail - squatting like an evil alien bat where once reigned the forty kings that made France, it's hard for me to forget this otherwise trifling confection. Of course I assume the author had something entirely different in mind. But you never know.

In any case, our patriotic magicians remain hard at work:
Part of the problem is that mass media in Scandinavia (and elsewhere) allow massive quantities of hatred by anonymous/pseudonymous commentators to be attached to almost any article in the web editions of their publications. That is a marked shift for the publishing standards previously used for letters columns.

True, you can’t stop hate speech on all of the internet. But there is arguably a big difference between hate speech on fringe sites populated mostly by violencemongering racists/islamophobes and giving such individuals space in the comments section of large papers. That only gives them a sense of breakthrough and the comment section format makes robust counterargumentation not very likely. Papers ought to either ban anonymous comments altogether or hire enough moderators to be able to keep up with a very strict moderation 24/7.
Indeed. You'd think it would be trivial just to configure a filter which detected the word "Tigana" - replacing it with the correct "East England," simply ditching the post, or more proactively alerting the relevant authorities. Alas, there's no limit to the typographic tricks of these scoundrels. Fortunately, many socially conscious Europeans are already seeking employment. Now that we've seen the dangers, I'm sure this little newspaper thing will be solved toot sweet.

But concerned Americans may be surprised at the extent of information terrorism in East England. It's for our own good, of course. America is the Jedi nation, and it's natural that we fear the ancient peril of the Sith. If we knew how strong they have already become, in their old nest of East England, the cold reality might paralyze us into inaction. Can we ever forget that 250 years ago, America herself was nearly conquered by this foul pseudo-nation? Those days are over, of course. But if we are too quick to forget them, they might return.

For instance, I'd be surprised if there are a hundred Americans whose noble souls have been lost truly and for good to the utter darkness of reaction. That's not much of a reactosphere - more like a reacto-dot. When I search for the word réacosphère, however - yes, misspelled, I know, with the odd marks of East England's funny old dialect - I get - wait for it - 185,000 hits. Is that disturbing? Or is that disturbing? Don't forget, these same people came very close to killing George Washington.

Fortunately, one patriotic East Englishman is on the case. He has identified the central hive or Death Star of this hateful "réacosphère" - or as more socially conscious East Englishmen put it, fachosphère (I trust no translation is necessary). This is the notorious François Desouche. The identity of M. Desouche is not known. He is known to be a racist, however.

Fortunately, as an American I am unable to read East English - actually now illegal in many states. But like everything American, our computers are the best in the world, and can translate this horrible gargling muck with mechanical precision, saving my tonsils from carcinogenic hate speech. In fact, I suspect that Google's algorithms have actually improved this material.

Otherwise, it would surely have already done the trick, as M. Desouche is still out there abusing our tolerance. Whereas just from the picture, it's clear that East Englishmen have always known what to do about hate speech:

The caption reads:
The abuse of freedom of expression is a crime. Blogress arrested, 1832.
We must remember that those who tolerate intolerance abuse tolerance itself, and an enemy of tolerance is an enemy of democracy. If this isn't obvious to East Englishmen, perhaps we still have a few B-24 Liberators in the hangar somewhere. Remember - freedom isn't free.

But let's let this brave young East Englishman say his piece:

Far be it from us to make amalgams shame or stigmatize anyone. But still. The [East English]-born, or under-dog, native to this country or shabby, is a young low-skilled, uneducated, unemployed, inbred, [East English], old, severely retarded, warty, syphilitic, illiterate, full of phobias, addictions and racist pedophiles who complacently lounging in a sea of ​​ignorance for living idly nauseating stench in a cave to vapors of wine, eating his feces, screaming loudly patriotic songs and German patiently accumulating his boogers as appetizers for holidays: Gandhi's death, discovery of the AIDS virus, the anniversary of his piranha Adolphe, eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the disappearance of a protected species, air disaster.
Jesus! The only bright spot is that no one in America matches this description - thanks, we can only assume, to our strict border controls. Still, the Internet is a loophole. How was I even able to access this post, for instance, without a research authorization? More can always be done. More needs to be done:
Pest, the native [East English], because of its puny and stunted body size, has only one interest in pharmaceutical clinical trials or as an extra in major films such as Gremlins and Troll 2. Outside the daily cleaning of his collection of cast iron blocks, the native [East Englishman] loves: his cheese rind, remembering his vacation on the Atlantic Wall, shine his boots, clean your terrarium cockroaches, watch hangings of 'homos on Iranian television, see Haitians small slam of Cholera, and shine his boots yet.

Frightened by the Enlightenment, it moves at night in his Panzer Used Tune blue-white-red and think go unnoticed by covering the sound tracks of powerful Wagnerian arias. Constantly in search of baby seals skinned alive in Africa to its mandibles racist, his little eyes anxiously scans the web vicious foul, attracted by the smell of the innocent who would come bogged down in the dark belly of the still fertile zeurlépluzombres.
Google tells me that this last word, or "word," has only been used once on the Internets. Whatever the truth is - I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle it:
That's why we say: sub-dogs are idiots and need to be silenced. Protect our democracy. Stop the stereotypes, stigma, looking for scapegoats to evade our responsibilities and shortcuts are easy to stifle debate. Because all together in the Living Together, we defend the diversity that enriches us close mixed as millions of small sticks and colored sugar.
All together in the Living Together! Sub-dogs are idiots and need to be silenced!

M. Derville then cites a long list of responsible East English authorities who have already signed his petition - such as the famous King of East England, Henry IV, well-known for his epigram: "Paris is worth a mosque." I would include this, but come on - it's East England. All these peasants put together aren't worth one authentic State Department cable.

We also learn more about the notorious M. Desouche:
François Marcel Desouchitsyne is a [East English] blogger and dissident, author of A Day of Lawrence Moucharovitch Archipelago and salads. In 2015, he was sentenced to eight years in rehabilitation in the death camps of tolerance for "business information", after setting out on his blog policy Martine Aubropovitch "Titans". In a post intercepted by the Halde, François Desouchitsyne criticized the "génialissime Marshal, best friend of mankind" (according to official qualifiers) alliance with Joseph Sarkopovitch purges and so-called "positive" conducted as part of the operation "Tolerance immutable."

His novels The Last Celt and The Pavilion Jounaleuh and the twelfth volume of his historical epic on the media, Mud Bouge, appear in Asia and won him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2020, it will reward that after being expelled from UERSS. His life becomes a permanent conspiracy to steal the right to inform the hunt despite more diligent of the Ministry of Love, and convicts of Chicha.

In 2024, when he is wanted in the case of small tubes Caribbean Myrha the street, it is hosted by a Sanglierovitch. He missed being assassinated December 25, 2024 by a real bearded / false Santa Claus. One of his closest colleagues, Robinovitch, narrowly escaped an assassination committed by the past participle of the Truands Grammar aboard a Zeppelin steam en route to Tibet. The attack is a serious injury: Bernard Pivot, who was drinking quietly in a chamomile 10 000 km away. Appeared in 2027 in Shanghai Archipelago salads, extensive book outlining the nature of the media and unambiguous written between 2014 and 2017 on tiny sausage skins, one to one hidden in bins geraniums. In short, a life
"entirely devoted to the service of Hate" in the words of the generous free Moucharovitch Laurent.
This material, as we see, is becoming extremely obscure. But no less disturbing:
The heroic little finger is then shown in a relic in the House of Martyrs intolerance. A wreath was laid before the Good bucket in memory of the illustrious Appendix promoted to the Legion of Honor posthumously. Minute of silence in schools. Flags at half mast. National mourning. Pinot at the bedside of proud, "father" of the hero, Martine Aubropovitch "Titine" barely hold back her tears. It declared war on the small Caribbean puddings "symbols of hatred."

Sniffing the scrambles, the Council is not representative of blacks in [East England] and elsewhere denounced him as "an orgy of hatred Islamophobic" but is quick to warn against any "stigma small tubes Caribbean." As vice alas: a misunderstanding, two thousand small West Indian were killed in pogroms anti-rolls following a fatwa. "It's nerd 'comment on the GG on RMC who is responsible for Desouchitsyne does, however, no doubt in the tragic day of April 12 which saw the Appendix fall in battle. And Claude Askolobels on Radio One added, "the ogre is Desouchitsyne demiurgic of hatred." Titin, she swears on the nail of St. Atrial to get your hands on "Desouchitsyne monster." April 25, the overwhelming evidence is found in the cave of suspect guilty.
There is more. Read it. Or try. If you know the East English dialect, somehow (this is a red flag, so be sure to mask your IP) you could even translate in the comments section.

But finally, the colored sugar itself concurs, even more bravely, in M. Derville's comments:
Hello Master, I agree with you Fdesouche must be closed, this site is a real misère.J did it thousands of copies-screen that I am at your disposal if you were going to process (I have blackened the comments written by my brothers for the sake of caution because frankly that I approve, they do not go by halves, and this could be detrimental to your action).

I am Honorary President of Truands of grammar, I applied to be President but the officers evicted me because I can not read or write. I got the post of Honorary President through him who wields the best grammar and sign the documents of the association of a sticker or it is written, 1,2,3 live Algeria, he had thought sign of a cross but it was strictly forbidden by the Imam. We were sore after that I had to make me do a cerclage of the anus and this is thanks to the fact that I pay all the money remaining on benefits (the rest is my man who sent them to countries where we have built a villa with pool all with a few white slaves).

It's okay for the money because all Christian charities cater to the daily filling our refrigerator and clothing for the whole family with clothes, the rest are my little angels that are in the street "fell from a truck" as they say.

I'm 24, I'm black, forcibly married at the age of 12, without qualifications, unemployed mother of 14 cherubim that happiness! that made my apartment a beautiful branch of local African and traffic is prohibited in [East England] (I wonder why), a 7 rooms paid by the CIF (my third co-wife pays the residual is 1 euro per month). My little angels or détraquent burn every day lifts (among others) that are not quite luxurious for the building they are right but I'm following myself obliged to wrestle the 10 flights of stairs to climb the huge packages containing herbs from North Africa.

When I too rather than the garbage disposal is clogged, I send the oil from the fryer through the window the other day I even almost missed a small cheese-white under-dog, fortunately it disappeared from the neighborhood with his family, anyway the car his father had gone up in smoke, this poor fool than to enjoy the preferred benefits for a time go to the factory on foot, good riddance it is much better between us.

My dear man, a fervent believer, shows me every day how much he loves me, it strikes me that I am authorized by religious bruised from Monday to Sunday and it serves me, there is on Friday that I escaped because he will attend to their spiritual obligations without which he would burn in hell instead of being able to please the penis by 72 virgins. For Mother's Day he gave me two dozen mops I've made a dress, as well as my neighbors are jealous.

I am very fulfilled in my life, the only downside of these are crap Fdesouche they are the real culprits, as it is said everywhere that their racist like all of the extreme right are responsible for the massacre in Oslo small innocent children, supervised by pro-Palestinian-playing innocently in the war (I saw it on the other unspeakable cloth Net Bivouac-ID) with a dirt Christian who is also the Masonic lodge and anti -musumans.

Because of this pest that eats pork and drinks wine, we find it hard to apply the commandments of our great God and our beloved prophet, it is imperative to destroy the nest anti-secular by any means. If you need help with logistics, you can count on my little angels we have a well stocked arsenal stashed in the corner of the madrassa.

No, I have exaggerated nothing, any more than you. Please put a cross where I have to vote.
Please put a cross where I have to vote! Or would that be sacrilegious? After all, Paris is worth a mosque...

Dispatches from the real America

I admit it. I'm a reality junkie. I'm like the junkie junkie who's figured out that he can buy drugs on the Internet. I've figured out that I can get me some reality, real reality, not oregano sprayed with paraquat. And where else? On the Internet.

The serious heroin aficionado, if still functional, lives his junkie life surrounded by poor dumb muggles who believe they're getting "high on life." Bullshit! High is spelled heroin. Your muggle can't even imagine high. It's like trying to explain electricity to a blind man.

And your reality muggle, your good sober Republican or Democrat, thinks he's mainlining reality every day with his daily dose of the Times, his CNN, his Harvard education, maybe if he's a little bit edgy his Reason or Instapundit or, God forbid, Overcoming Bias. He's even smoked marijuana a few times! He's totally plugged in! The poor fscker. He'll always be a muggle. There's something going on here, Mr. Jones. And you don't know what it is - do you, Mr. Jones?

It simply never ceases to amaze the junkie that not everyone does heroin. So far as I can tell, out of the gigantic, saccharine, mendacious collective mugglesphere response to Anders Behring Breivik, I have not seen one outlet new or old, left or right, so much as even mention the only interesting non-plagiarized part of Herr Breivik's vast Templar manifesto - the killer's own reminiscences of growing up as a hip-hop tagger in Pakistani gang-ruled Oslo. Human beings cannot stand very much reality. Then again, I guess they can't stand much heroin, either.

Okay, to be fair, his mother's herpes-induced brain damage earns props - as does Utoya's revolutionary brotherhood with al-Fatah. Peace and love! Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades! Didn't Malcolm X say something about chickens coming home to roost? But those links hardly point to Mr. Jones. Yes, you can order heroin on the Internet. No, you can't order it at fscking You've got to actually go out and score that shit.

And right now, there's no contest for the hardest reality on the Internet. You get your heroin at Silk Road (if it still exists, or ever did - alas, I'm simply too old to be a junkie junkie). And you get your reality at Second City Cop, which is to the New York Times as heroin is to fscking Advil.

Click on that link. It's primo, of course. It's nothing out of the ordinary. SCC serves up shit this good two or three times a month. You're getting your heroin straight from a fscking cop. How much purer can it get? And good as the posts are - the comments are even better. They're pretty much all cops, too. Some of them aren't literate. But others are.

So like a good pusher, I thought I'd collect some of this stone-cold reality for the discerning aficionados here at UR. Remember, kids: always use a clean needle. And think twice before you apply for your Cultural Marxist hunting license, no matter how appalling this material is:

Let's start with some heartwarming, if dubious, optimism:
I work at a small new media publication that serves Chicagoland.

Newspapers are like Amy Winehouse a week ago. They may be alive right now, but there's no doubt how their story turns out.

They will always exist in one form or another- owning one will be a hubris thing for local big shots (kinda like owning a sports team)- but their days of being of 'premier relevance' are over.

Going forward, "New Media" will consist of the following three entities.

1) Credible, independent commentary (just like this blog)

2) Established "masterbrands" serving video content (ie- the networks)

3) Amateur content and commentary.

In the year 2011 and beyond, there is just no room left for grinding trees into dried, bleached pulp, dousing them with ink and hoping people care enough to pay for it.

The newspaper's glory days as the 'immutable ideological bastion of liberal thought and idea' died as soon as US internet saturation broke 50% and opened up the free exchange of information to everyone, rather than being filtered by a closed-circuit cabal of old media clerics.

Don't confuse yourselves, my uniformed friends. Just because they aren't 'gone' yet doesn't mean they aren't wholly and entirely dead.

Do not fret when you see some BS story published by old media. Their 'reach' figures are padded and dishonest, meant to keep their kooky old shareholders believing... They're a tree falling in the woods.
Amateur content and commentary? Credible and independent? Or just racist?
I was at the express DMV at the Thompson Center last month, I had to wait to talk to a supervisor about my license renewal (I'm a reservist and did a tour, and because my license has been expired longer than a year they were trying to tell me I have to take a friggin road test like I'm some 16 year old kid, but I digress...) and right next to me sits this fat, 300lb monstrosity of a human being, pregnant, eating, can't make this up, flaming hot cheetos. I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

So the super comes out and tells me he has to make a phone call to check on that, and then he kinda walks away and Kikishawreeka asks me "dat be da manager?" I look at her, and after about 5 seconds, hesitantly, disgustingly say "yes." She then tries to get his attention via ebonics, and he told her she had to wait. Haha, it was great, a little victory in an otherwise shit city with shitheads roaming the streets.

All I could think, was SHE WAS THE PROBLEM. IT'S YOU FUCKING THIS CITY UP. You are waiting to pop out a welfare check that I get to pay for, as they train to point guns at da poleece.

I went home and took 5 showers in a row.

Anyway, keep up the good work CPD. You are the real police. Fuck the liberals, fuck the yuppies, fuck the media, and of course fuck the rev-undones.

This kid in the pic, has a damn blunt in one and, and throwing up VLN in the other, at 13 years old. Yep, great kid you got there, must be proud. Here's hoping this kid stays in Juvi till he's 18, gets out, commits a felony where nobody gets hurt, and spends the next 20 with IDOC.

Get used to them bars kiddo, you'll be seeing them the rest of your pathetic, ghetto, poor excuse of a human life.
That's racist! "VLN," I believe, means "Vice Lord Nation." This is racist too:
Saw Jimmell's mother on the tv news talking shit about how the cops shot her son in the back with his hands up. I really hope she uses some of that money she gets from the city to get her jack-o-lantern looking teeth fixed.
Back to hopeful patriotism:
Thank you SCC. When the story was on the news tonight, I listed to the POS father say that his son was a good boy that was never around guns. The media allowing the POS father's statement to be aired in order to sway America is disgusting. I prompty took my three young children to the SCC site and showed the picture of the boy throwing up "Vice Lord". Yeah, the same VL's that want to kill their Dad and terrorize Chicago.

My little kids just got the biggest life lesson about manipulative liberal media tonight, and because of you SCC they are one step closer to being conservative, pro union, anti WIC, anti LINK, ANTI Section 8, anti Obama, and anti-combine.

SCC continue to do this for America.
Patriotic Americans are not above criticizing the press:
If he's a "straight A and B" student, then why is he in the sixth grade at the age of 13? That would make him around twenty years old if he graduates high school without flunking again, right?

Also, why does Pravda, I mean the Scum Times and Fibune, not just come clean about the cropped gang picture? Do they really believe that they can call themselves ethical reporters if they have to crop and edit pictures to get their version of a story out?

Instead of giving air time to the "parents" of this young thug, do they want to report on the criminal history and gang affiliation on the father and ask why the kid was armed with a BB gun past curfew? How about why the only photo the "family" has to give anyone shows the kid flashing gang signs?

Oh, excuse me. That's what a real reporter would do if they weren't agents for a propaganda machine and seeking instead to do a real job of reporting the truth. That's WAY too much to ask of Chicago "journalists."

I guess people will just have to come to this blog if they want the truth in current events. Pathetic.
To be fair, the Chicago Tribune was once a great newspaper. The educational system has also, apparently, declined:
This POS received mostly A's with a few B's because his baby sitter/teacher wanted him out of his/her classroom.


Because the baby sitter/teacher was aware that the POS liked to play with firearms and feared that he would bring the weapon to the building that he would occasionly frequented in the winter and possibly shoot the baby sitter/teacher.

P.S. Will the baby sitter/teacher be required to visit the POS's home during the school year? What time should he visit? Will the windows of the baby sitter/teachers vehicle windows be shot out while he is counselling the POS and his breeders?
Apparently you don't need to have read all these obscure old books to have a sound grasp of American postwar political history:
Is photo shop editing part of the course work at Northwestern's school of journalism? How do they teach propaganda to the students there these days?

I know they're busy lying to get convicted felon murderers out so they can get good grades, but when do they have time to learn the finer points of propaganda making?

Do you get it yet, folks? It starts with the communist education system and ends with the propaganda machine of the communist dictators.

It must be easy to win a Pulitzer when most of your co-workers have no investigative skills and work for rich politicians.

Do you reporters sometimes laugh when you have to cover things up for the political class? Do you feel like whores when you do their bidding?
"Dictators" is a little strong. If only we had a communist dictator! At least we'd have a dictator. We have witty repartee, though:
> Will that make him 20 or 21 when he's a senior in high school?

no, it will make him 16 when he drops out of 8th grade.
But not without broad perspective:
The kid is a piece of shit. The family is a piece of shit. Now multiply this statement a couple of million times to accurately describe a HUGE portion of the American population. We as a nation are really really screwed.
It wouldn't be fun if the journalopes didn't fight back:
The tribune sitting now has replaced the cropped photo with a picture of the scumbag in his hospital bed. Unbelieveable.
They may be less honest, but they're certainly more literate. They also talk back - a little:
Long Post, sorry SCC.

I emailed the reporter this....

"Your first picture on the tribune website, WAS CROPPED, to eliminate the fact this teen was flashing GANG SIGNS. The full picture is available all over the internet. Now your picture of this teen in the hospital is bordering on scandalous. How dare your newspaper use these subtle techniques to slant the news. The fact is he had a realistic looking gun. Was already in the grip of a street gang, these are the things your story should mention, and that this is a BIG problem with youth in certain areas of the city. These are the facts. I feel sorry for the officer and the rest of the CPD that the trouble that your slanted biased coverage will cause. Yellow Journalism is alive and well in Chicago"

He replied with this
"A couple of things...
Our "first" picture -- I take it you mean the first photo we posted -- was uncropped. If you're a regular reader on our site, you'll know that most of the pictures we post are cropped, so our photo folks cropped it as they always do.
I'm not aware whether the picture is "all over the internet" but we posted it with the family's permission.
I don't know if the gun in question was realistic looking, I haven't seen it, though from past experience, many BB or pellet guns do look like their real counterparts. I don't know if he was "already in the grips" of gang life, either.
Yellow journalism refers to the sensationalism of the news. What you're accusing us of is the exact opposite: still incorrect, but not yellow journalism by its definition. Your statement is wrong because it flatly states that we as a newspaper, or I, as a journalist, have a pre-determined point of view.
I'm a fact gatherer. Sometimes we get the facts, sometimes we don't. Whatever we get, we pass it on to our readers.
I like to interact with readers. I like it even better when they're correctly informed.
I hope this clears a few things up.

So then I emailed him the full picture. No response, Hmmmm.
To be fair, the correspondent's handle was "I dins do nuffins." Sounds like AAVE to me, so he's probably a racist. Another Mark Fuhrman! Don't answer - subpoena that man's IP address. We've got to get these bad apples off the force. Fortunately, Islam may be the solution:
Isn't it amazing that you have to obtain a license to:

Catch a Fish
Drive a Car
Style Somebody's Hair
Paint Somebody's Nails

...and yet any two morons who can figure out sex can make more people like this little bastard?

Tell me that this country (not just our city) isn't going straight to hell. When the Islamofascists tell us how decadent and pathetic we are it's getting harder and harder to argue with them.
SCC's master of disaster, The Box Chevy Phantom, weighs in:
Hush up that talk about Yummy Sandifer, SCC!

99% of the fools working for the anal-whore media weren't around when that madness was going on.

Even if less than a handful actually were, They're so beholden to advancing the liberal, yellow-pinky Pravada-esque agenda of casting the Police as being the enemy; they can't and won't see the relevance of the the point you're making.

Yummy Sandifer was a true super-predator in the making in spite of his tender years.

Yeah... His homies/executioners are caged as well they should have been.

Wonder what happened to the funky-assed leaders who not only ordered the hit but kept moving him around because if memory serves right, The Police were beating the bushes HARD looking for his little narrow ass.

They should have had the Yummy Sandifer Memorial Tour... Just rolled him from school to school to show the reward of thug life...

"He thought his boys had his back but they popped his l'il stanky ass!"

Our sympathy gland stopped working many years before that incident...

Keep Puttin' It On 'Em SCC!
They hate you because you're a vehicle for the REAL uncensored truth getting out and it drives the yellow-pinky, trotskyite media and the political-criminal class insane to have a source of information out here that they can't edit, spin, filter and photoshop.

To them, The Police are the enemy.
Yummy Sandifer? Yummy Sandifer. More on the demographic:
In response to 1:24 am today ("Kikishawreeka," classic)

When I moved to Chicago from out of state 5 years ago, I went to the DMV to get an IL license. I was 32 at the time, married, no kids, working as an attorney, 29 year old wife a CPA, so both paying LOTS of taxes.
During my wait, I was sitting next to a young black lady with a cute little baby on her lap, so asked her, "How old is your daughter?"

Her reply - "Oh this ain't my daughter, she my grandbaby. I need to become her official guardian bc my daughter is 15, I still get her social security, and need to get it for the baby too."

I asked her how old she was - same age as me, 32. Appalling, sick, disgusting - talk about your generational welfare. It's like the state might as well just take the money directly from my pocket, and put it into that bitch's (though if it did that, it couldn't profit as a middleman). I told my wife that day that we're never buying property in Chicago, that we're keping our cars licensed at our family's homes in MI, and once our future (since born) children are old enough for school, we are peacing out to the burbs up north NOT in Crook County.

On an unrelated note, she & I both are grateful for you men & women in blue, especially for being willing to deal with POSs like these every day. And most attorneys here, save for the fucking litigators, feel the same was as we do.
More philosophical perspective:
We, as coppers, see it all--the good, the bad, the ugly. We don't have the option of having filters on our eyes, hearts, or souls. We see reality. I think that is why we get so pissed off when things are distorted by the media. Tell the damn truth. It's pretty arrogant of them to think they have the moral authority to spin stories. If that was the pic given, print the damn thing.
SCC himself continues in a new story:
Is this real?

[picture of replica BB gun]

It sure looks real.

Now what if someone pointed it at you? Would you defend yourself?

We certainly would. And we wouldn't blame anyone else who did. Guess what?

That's exactly what happened. With that specific gun. You see, that's the gun used by this kid...

[picture of 13-year-old honor student with blunt, flashing gang signs] shoot out a bunch of windows at the Piccolo School and a van in the 011 District before he pointed it at an officer, who then shot him. The gun pictured was recovered and inventoried and the subject made a full confession.

So the next time the Slum Times says police are "trigger happy," remember that first photo. That dumbass kid is lucky to be breathing in the hospital instead of pushing up daisies at Burr Oak, though that will probably happen soon enough anyway.
I'm definitely keeping my brats away from the "Piccolo School." I'm also encouraging them not to point their BB guns at any Chicago cops:
In the words of Apollo Creed... I would drop him like a bad habit!
Violence is never far from the savage mind of the redneck cop:
That picture makes me wanna punch that kid in the fucking face.
But interpretation of motives is his profession:
Wow, he was shooting out the windows of the school where's he's an A/B student at. Maybe they should have given him all A's? That's why he's mad at the school.
Definitely do not point any kind of weapon at a police officer, honor students:
About 15 years ago a 14 year old pointed one of those 1911 look-a-likes that shoots darts, BBs, and pellets at me. He then ran into a building. I kicked the door open and he already had his hands in the air and the gun was on the ground. If not for that I would have shot him. The point is that that gun looked real enough to me, so much so that the barrel looked like it was a real 45 or 44.
But we are reminded of how easy it is for a pinko Trotskyist to spin a story:
That isn't what most people think of when they think of BB guns.

They think of the Red Ryder like on "A Christmas Story."


Hell I'll still shoot if that was pointed at me. It looks like a cut down 22.
There's no pity at all on the street:
I saw the daddy on tv saying his son's hand is mangled--isn't that what they want us to do? Shoot the gun out of their hands and not kill them?

So what's he bitching about? It's not like the kid used his hands to practice arithmetic! Or to communicate with the deaf!

He won't be flashing gang signs any more, it sounds like--and if there is a God, he won't be able to hold a gun either!

Or wipe his ass!
There is no sympathy whatsoever for Americans with disabilities:
I recall working CTA special on Chicago Ave one hot July 3rd watch shift some years ago. It looked like a convention of motorized wheelchair salesmen with all the young thugs and their paralyzing GSW's motoring up and down Chicago Ave from about 3600 - 3800 W. in their nice shiny 'guvment paid for battery powered wheelchairs.

It was one of those west side moments most people never get a chance to appreciate or comprehend. Like a big old ghetto ride tooling along on one tire with air, one flat tire and two bare steel rims with sparks flying, driver grinning like it's Christmas.
And this is just classic cop humor:
This kid is already gone, lost to society, forever unemployable and destined for prison or the graveyard. He saw the video, he got the style. Hell, people were laughing and putting hats on him sideways, taking snapshots, when he was 18 months old. Teaching him to signify. Little party joke. "Look! He doin' it! He doin' it!"


Thug life is imbibed along with baby mama's lumpy-mixed Similac in these houses. End of story.

There is not a moment's doubt in my mind that he'd have been banging off a real gun at everyone and everything he could see if he'd been able to get hold of one.
He doin' it! He doin' it! Hm, sounds like more of that AAVE. Racist, murderous cops:
I'd smoke him like a pack of KOOLS!
But fortunately, not all cops are racist:
I should begin this posting, SCC, by identifying myself as a recently retired Detective of 30 years with the Chicago Police Department, and I am also African American.

I have always been proud of this organization and supportive of it even during it's lowest times. I have seen both the very good and bad of the Department, have weathered the many storms it has faced since I came on in 1981, have enjoyed it's brother/sisterhood and fraternity, have been there to mourn our loses and support our fallen members families and friends.

I say all this because I am particularly incensed at comments made by a group of "reverands", who's remarks were televised on WBBM Channel 5, 29 Jul 11 during the 6:00 pm broadcast. Some "spokesman" for the group suggested that the Chicago Police Department were neither properly trained, were not executing their assignments and were afraid/scared to do their jobs in the Black community. This clown had the audacity to say that as a result of his "observations" of police behavior in the African American community that he and his group of "holy men" would be petitioning the United States Justice Department to intervene in some fashion because they are dissatisfied with how the Chicago Police are shooting indiscriminately in the Black community.

Having been there, as a police officer who has pushed a beat car, worked Tact, several specialized units, assigned as a Detective, and as a current resident of the community, I would beg to differ with this fool and his cohorts. If he had the same opportunities I've had and seen what really goes on in some of these communities from my/our perspective, he would be loath to have spoken those words.

My disgust and revulsion at his remarks are difficult to describe. I cannot find the words to explain how much I dispise he and his kind. They are no more than leeches that feed off City programs so long as they turn out Machine votes from a constituency who care neither about themselves or their neighbors. He need only do a "ride along" for one tour of duty, have his ass shot at once, or suffer a beatdown or "punkin' head" at the hands of a member of his flock and I'm certain he would have a chance of perspective. If he actually lives in one of these communities, he is either blind or a complete liar to suggest that his "flock" are innocent and should not be treated the way they are. Just how would he expect the police to respond to being shot at or confronted with an armed offender - irrespective of race?

My point is, SCC, keep putting out the correct information and rally the troops. Once again we are on our own with our backs to the wall. While we fight daily to do our jobs, protect our brothers and sisters in arms and still come home at the end of our tour the same as we left, we need not feel ashamed for protecting ourselves or one another. WE are the only ones we have. There is no one else. We owe no one an apology and we should afford no quarter to anyone who would attempt to prevent us from doing our job or threaten our lives or those of our brothers and sisters.

This hateful rhetoric from opportunistic race pimps and politically connected community "leaders" will not abate until they themselves become victims of the very "victims" they claim to represent.

This whole thing is not about race. It about adhering to and following the law, respecting lawful authority and our established institutions, and it about moral behavior. Nothing more, nothing less.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it, haters - like a pack of KOOLS! If only it were just about race. Why, if it were only about race, we could send all the "mutts" and "shitbirds" (common SCC labels for "the element") back to Africa. Then all we'd have to deal with is our beautiful, white, homegrown meth-heads.

But someone has a solution in mind:
If people are interested I will pursue this. I will set up a holdings company with little to no assets and a low cash flow (for possible law suit reasons). I will have that holdings company start and own a real and factual Chicago newspaper. I can handle the business end and possibly some stories. But I would need help from others for stories and other paper content. We could set it up as a 1 day a week paper at first and see where it goes. If it goes nowhere we only loose our time and some printing costs associated with the copies we ran. I would be willing to gamble a few thousand at first to see where it goes but I would rather not risk much more than that.

I am not a cop. I have CPD in my blood. I am a former member of the armed forces and I currently own a few businesses. I will watch the postings. If people are interested in helping in any way post it. If there is interest (postings) I will set up an email address solely for getting us together to coordinate our approach. I will say that if anyone wants to be involved just to make money off this don’t bother. Startup companies even with low overhead take a long time to get out of the red.
Hmm. Good intentions, sir, but if you were an Ivy-educated Jew like me, you'd know to say "lose our time." You can lose a lot of time and money both, trying to fight the great and the good. And to what end? You inform the people, and they do... what?

The Box Chevy Phantom goes straight to the point:
In our honest and very biased opinion?

We would try our level best to kill the non-stop shit out of this little misfit whether full sunlight or the blue-purple hour of midnight if he brandishes the item in question.

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on" to anybody who says The Police should check their fire in the face of this madness.

Keep. Killing. Them.

They boast and swagger about not having fear of The Police.

Funny how they fear each other and cry for The Police to baby-sit vast swaths of the West and South Sides because the inhabitants embrace a lifestyle of that encourages willful ignorance and embraces death and destruction purely for the sake of destruction and death.

It's the only way they think they can guilt-trip the rest of society into giving them what they want instead having a desire to reap the true benefit of joining the rest of society by virtue of hard work, delayed gratification etc.

The reality is that there will be some people who choose to be left behind.


Bet you a fat-man that when Noah's Ark started floating and that water got kinda high, some fools were hollering and banging on the sides demanding to be let in...

"Noooaahhh! You racist for not lettin' us in!"


"Heh... Ain't gonna hap'n cap'n! if you wanted to be dry and inside, you had every chance to get right... Now yo ass is gonna get left! Gonna pray for you though..."

We think the stage is being set either for the death of this country as we know it or the second Revolution.
Or possibly both. Either way, though, I'm hearing some serious AAVE. That's reality for ya, dog. All I know about America in the 22nd century is that everyone, regardless of race, color or creed, will call everyone else "nigga."

Monday, July 25, 2011 69 Comments

The indisputable humanity of Anders Behring Breivik

It's pathetic but typical, I feel, that the likes of Robert Spencer and Fjordman are denying their connection to Anders Behring Breivik. Of course they are responsible for Breivik's terrorism, just as communist intellectuals are responsible for Islamic terrorism. Someone skipped Aesop:

A Trumpeter, being taken prisoner in battle, begged hard for quarter, declaring his innocence, and protesting that he neither had killed nor could kill any man, bearing no arms but his trumpet, which he was obliged to sound at the word of command.

For that reason, replied his enemies, we are determined not to spare you; for though you yourself never fight, yet with that wicked instrument of yours, you blow up animosity among other people, and so become the cause of much bloodshed.


The fomenter of mischief is at least as culpable as he who puts it in execution. A man may be guilty of murder who never has handled a sword or pulled a trigger or lifted up his arm with any mischievous weapon. There is a little incendiary called the tongue, which is more venomous than a poisoned arrow, and more killing than a two-edged sword.

The moral of the Fable therefore is this, that if in any civil insurrection the persons taken in arms against the government, deserve to die, much more do they whose devilish tongues or pens gave birth to the sedition and excited the tumult.

The Fable is also equally applicable to those evil counsellors, who excite corrupt or wicked governments to sap and undermine, and then to overturn the just laws and liberties of a whole people...
Aesop, you see, is above the whole thing. Aesop has no problem with putting the hammer to either seditious rabble-rousers or tyrannical commissars. He accepts it as normal. It is normal. It is war, and only the dead have seen the end of war. The trumpeter, on either side, is a soldier.

This mental habit of separating "democratic dissent" and "violent terrorism," which the Robert Spencers of the world vainly attempt to invoke, and the Noam Chomskys successfully invoke, is one of the most curious psychological tics of the deranged 20th century. Of course its raison d'etre, as a psychological-warfare device, is to forestall the realization that leftist movements achieve power through violence, then demand pacifism of the subjugated.

All power is rooted in violence - even electoral power (to the extent that any such thing still exists). There is most definitely a continuum between democratic activism and civil war. The struggle for power is one. The whole point of the classic picket sign is that the writing on the cardboard sends one message; the two-by-four it's stapled to sends another.

And we can tell that left rules right, because we can see that Noam Chomsky has the right to trumpet his ideas to Osama bin Laden, whereas Robert Spencer does not have the right to trumpet his ideas to Anders Behring Breivik. Did he think he had that right? He had not the might, so he had not the right. He's finding that out right now, as he stares down the barrel of a very angry New York Times.

The trumpeter game, version left, is played ad nauseam in every school system in the world today. All our noble workers and peasants are constantly inculcated with two messages. First, you are the victim of injustice. Second, even though you are the victim of injustice, violence is evil and you must under no circumstances punish the guilty. Human beings are human beings, of course, so the second message doesn't always take. Aww. Another "random attack."

Robert Spencer, Fjordman, and the like - even so perspicacious a conservative as Lawrence Auster - thought they could play this game from the other side. Why? Because they believe in the game. They believe in democratic activism, and they believe they live in a democratic society and have just as much right as anyone at Harvard to toot their trumpets.

They are wrong on every count. What every conservative, moderate or "extreme," needs to learn from ABB is that all action by the powerless, "violent" or "nonviolent," is misguided. It is not wrong, of course, to aspire to power - but action does not create power. Action dissipates power. Until you amass the power to capture the State, refrain from any action whatsoever - certainly including voting. The weak have no right to oppose the strong.

And then there's the "insanity" angle. In case anyone has any doubt about Breivik's sanity, I thought I'd cut and paste the most interesting parts of his manifesto, which are naturally the parts everyone is ignoring. Not the endless Fjordman essays, but his own personal story. Page 1393:
Q: Violent Muslim gangs in European cities are not exactly a new phenomenon. We hear about indigenous European youths getting harassed, beaten, raped and robbed quite often. Tell us about your experiences during your "vulnerable years" (14-18) growing up in the urban multicultural streets of Oslo.

A: Since I was 12 years old I was into the hip-hop movement. For several years I was one of the most notable "hip-hop‘ers" from Oslo‘s West side. It was a lot easier to "gain respect and credibility" in Oslo West because of the demographic factors. Oslo West was the "privileged and predominantly native side" of Oslo with very few immigrants in contrast to the East side which was less peaceful. Graffiti and break dance was an important part of our life at that point. Around 1993 and 1994, at 15, I was the most active tagger (graffiti artist) in Oslo as several people in the old school hip-hop community can attest to.

Our standard "graffiti raid" consisted of going out at night, in groups of 2-3, with our backpacks full of spray cans. We took our bikes and "bombed" city blocks with our tags, "pieces" and crew name all over Oslo. "Morg, Wick and Spok" was everywhere. The fact that hundreds of kids our own age all over Oslo West and even Oslo East looked up to us was one of the driving forces I guess. At that time it felt very rewarding to us. If you wanted girls and respect then it was all about the hip hop community at that time. The more reckless you were the more respect and admiration you gained.

Everyone didn't approve though. The government had a no-tolerance attitude towards graffiti and removed 90% of our "creations" within 48 hours. I remember it was an unofficial war between the hip-hop community and the government and Oslo Sporveier, our public subway company. Two guys I knew, Stian and Charles, a few years older than me were arrested, received gigantic fines and was put in jail.

The hip-hop movement In Norway had its climax around that time, in 92-93. The community was very "politically correct" in nature with close ties to the extreme left groups like SOS Rasisme (an extreme left wing movement) and Blitz (a violent left wing extremist movement). I remember we used to hang out with various people and groups all over Oslo. There were plenty of hip-hop concerts at Blitz and it was at this time that the communist hip-hop group; "Gatas Parlament" was created. It‘s hard to imagine but during this time everyone was into graffiti and hip-hop.
We used to hang out with GSV crew, or B-Gjengen as they are popularly called today, a Muslim Pakistani gang, quite violent even back then. "Gang alliances" was a part of our everyday life at that point and assured that you avoided threats and harassment. Alliances with the right people guaranteed safe passage everywhere without the risk of being subdued and robbed (Jizya), beaten or harassed. We had close ties with B-Gjengen (B-Gang) and A-Gjengen (A-Gang), both Muslim Pakistani gangs through my best friend Arsalan who was also a Pakistani.

Even at that time, the Muslim gangs were very dominating in Oslo East and in inner city Oslo. They even arranged "raids" in Oslo West occasionally, subduing the native youths (kuffars) and collecting Jizya from them (in the form of cell phones, cash, sunglasses etc.). I remember they systematically harassed, robbed and beat ethnic Norwegian youngsters who were unfortunate enough to not have the right affiliations. Muslim youths called the ethnic Norwegians "poteter" (potatoes, a derogatory term used by Muslims to describe ethnic Norwegians). These people occasionally raped the so called "potato whores."

In Oslo, as an ethnic Norwegian youth aged 14-18 you were restricted if you didn‘t have affiliations to the Muslim gangs. Your travel was restricted to your own neighbourhoods in Oslo West and certain central points in the city. Unless you had Muslim contacts you could easily be subject to harassment, beatings and robbery. Our alliances with the Muslim gangs were strictly seen as a necessity for us, at least for me. We, however, due to our alliances had the freedom of movement. As a result of our alliances we were allowed to have a relaxing and secure position on the West side of Oslo among our age group. Think of it as being local "warlords" for certain "kuffar areas," which were regulated by the only dominant force, Muslim gangs collaborating with anarcho-Marxist networks.

Many of these groups claim to be tolerant and anti-fascist, but yet, I have never met anyone as hypocritical, racist and fascist as the people whom I used to call friends and allies. The media glorifies them while they wreck havoc across the city, rob and plunder. Yet, any attempts their victims do to consolidate are harshly condemned by all aspects of the cultural establishment as racism and Nazism. I have witnessed the double standards and hypocrisy with my own eyes, it is hard to ignore. I was one of the protected "potatoes," having friends and allies in the Jihadi-racist gangs such as the A and B gang and many other Muslim gangs.

I gradually became appalled by the mentality, actions and hypocrisy of what he calls the "Marxist-Jihadi youth" movement of Oslo disguised under more socially acceptable brands such as: "SOS Rasisme", "Youth against Racism", Blitz who literally hijacked segments of the hiphop movement and used it as a front for recruitment.

I have personally heard of and witnessed hundreds of Jihadi-racist attacks, more than 90% of them aimed at helpless Norwegian youth (who themselves are brought up to be "suicidally" tolerant and therefore are completely unprepared mentally for attacks such as these). This happens while the Marxist networks in the hiphop movement and the cultural establishment silently and indirectly condone it. There is absolutely no political will to ensure that justice is served on behalf of these victims. I remember at one point thinking: "This system makes me sick".

Q: Did you ever contribute to the Muslim atrocities against the indigenous during this period?

A: I saw the "security alliances" in a strictly pragmatical way. They were a necessary evil at that time. During these years I heard of hundreds of cases where ethnic Norwegians were harassed, robbed and beaten by Muslim gangs. This type of behaviour was in fact acts of racism or even based on religious motives (Jihadi behaviour), although I failed to see that connection then due to lack of knowledge about Islam; I saw the practical manifestations and I didn‘t like it at all. The only thing you could do was to take the necessary precautions, create alliances or be subdued by them.

If you made any attempt to create a "Norwegian gang" you would be instantly labelled as a Nazi and face the wrath of everyone, in addition to the Muslim gangs. They, however, were allowed to do anything while being indirectly cheered by society. So in other words, we were trapped between the "wood and the bark". This is still the case in all Western European major cities. They are allowed to consolidate, while we are not.
The lefties/hip-hop movement, including the Pakistani gangs and other minority gangs – in cooperation with SOS Rasisme and Blitz were notorically and systematically violent, even racist and discriminating towards ethnic Norwegian youths and anti-immigrant individuals. They abused drugs and many were involved in criminal activity, yet cheered by the media because of their "tolerance" and so called "anti-racist" attitude.

Intolerance, racism and acts of Jihad were tolerated against native Norwegians as the perpetrators were categorised as victims by default (as minorities). They were seldom punished properly.

I remember the occasional crackdowns on right wing youth movements during this period. The police raided them several times, called their parents and invested a lot of resources on squashing the right wing movement all over Norway. Blitz and other extreme left, SOS Rasisme and the hip-hop community on the other hand received public funding. The Blitz house, a building they had occupied a few decades earlier, was subsidised and under protection by the government in Oslo and still is even today. They are often referred to as the "storm troops" of the Norwegian Labour Party. The government subsidy of the apartment block were Blitz resides equates to more than 3 million USD per year alone. The violent Marxist group "SOS Rasisme" receives 2-3 million NOK annually. It‘s disgusting.
When my friendship with Arsalan, Jon Trygve and Richard ended, I pursued and further developed a friendship with my old friends Marius and Christen who lived in my neighbourhood. They were to become my new core of close friends. I also befriended myself with a predominantly "ethnic Norwegian" gang from Tåsen in Oslo. Some of them were active on the graffiti front from earlier and that‘s how I first met them. This new "alliance" was also quite useful to create "security" for the rest of our "vulnerable years".

I remember once when a gang of Moroccans came to Tåsen (a predominantly ethnic Norwegian area in the northern part of Oslo) and tried to rob a couple of ethnic local youths. The Moroccan gang was well known for being notoriously violent, having robbed and beaten hundreds of ethnic Norwegian youths all over Oslo. We were at a party at that time. As we heard of the incident we rallied around 20 guys and found the Moroccans near the subway station. We made a deal with them telling them to never come back for their so called "Jizya raids". They never showed their face on Tåsen again as far as I know. Muslim gangs respect people who respect themselves which is why they have no respect for people who are not prepared to use violence.

As time went by and we started high school at around 17-18, the situation changed drastically. The need for security decreased considerably during this period (mostly because we kept to certain areas). Individuals affiliated with the Muslim gangs were academically weak and were basically "left behind" or they selected practical professional studies like mechanics courses or carpentry. Very few of them had the grades to enter any quality schools in Oslo West. In this regard the need for security vanished and a type of academic segregation occurred.

In retrospect, it‘s easy to understand why ethnic Norwegians are fleeing Muslim areas. No one likes to be "subdued" – live in fear, being harassed, beaten and robbed. The Muslim ghettofication process has been ongoing the last 30 years and it will continue until there is close to 100% concentrated Muslim areas in Oslo (the same tendency we see in Paris, London and other large Western European cities). When I was around 15-16 there was only 1 or 2 schools where the majority was non-ethnic Norwegian. Now, 15 years later there are around 50 schools on the East side of Oslo where the majority of students are non-natives and primarily Muslim.

It‘s a miracle how I managed to successfully pass through my "vulnerable years" without being subdued by Muslim gangs even once. I know that there are hundreds, even thousands of incidents per year (I have personally witnessed around 50 incidents) where ethnic Norwegian youths ranging 14-18 are harassed, beaten, raped and robbed and it‘s getting worse every year. I really don‘t envy the new generations and the challenges that are facing them regarding Muslim subjugation.

If ethnic Norwegian youth or other non-Muslims attempt to create gangs of their own (for protection purposes), they are immediately labelled as racists and Nazis. At the same time numerous Muslim gangs commit thousands of racist acts each year against ethnic Norwegians and it‘s either hushed down, ignored and therefore tolerated.

The last 20 years more than 100-200 ethnic Norwegians have been killed by Muslims, a majority by racist or religious/Jihadi motives. Yet, the press are systematically ignoring this and they attempt to link every single incident to non-relevant motives like for example the influence of narcotics/alcohol or blame the accused Muslim of being "psychologically unstable". Norwegian media refuse to face the truth of the matter which is that most of these incidents are religiously and/or racially motivated.

The only incident I can remember where a racist native have killed a non white was the murder of Benjamin Hermansen, who at the age of 15 years, was murdered in Holmlia, in Oslo, Norway. The death was racially motivated. The murder mobilised large parts of the Norwegian population. Throughout the entire country, marches were organised to protest against the murder, with nearly 40,000 people participating in Oslo. The Benjamin Prize was established as a Norwegian prize to counter racism in 2002. The prize is awarded to a school that actively works against racism and discrimination.

Could this have happened if the victim was native and the aggressors were Muslims? No, not in a million years! Our politicians are terrified of offending the Muslim community in any way.

Also, more than 80% of our parliamentarians have never experienced Muslim gangs with all its ugly manifestations. A great majority of them haven‘t even been raised in Oslo or any large European city with small but dominant Muslim minorities. They usually move to Oslo as adults and settle in the non-Muslim areas of the city. Our parliamentarians and media are completely unplugged from reality, they don‘t know what‘s going on or they don‘t want to know. On the other hand, the new generations that have experienced this development the last two decades are all urban, young individuals under 30-35 years. I‘m quite sure the majority of them now vote the Progress Party, Norway‘s only anti- immigration party. Several statistics indicate that indigenous Europeans in Muslim dominated areas oppose mass Muslim immigration.

Oslo used to be a peaceful city. Thanks to the Norwegian cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime they have transformed my beloved city into a broken city, a bunkered society, a multiculturalist shit hole where no one is safe anymore, to use blunt language.

The following is an overview of experiences I have had during my youth in Oslo. I‘ve ―only‖ experienced 8 assaults, attempted robberies and multiple threats. I‘ve never actually been severely ravaged, robbed or beaten my Muslims (a broken nose is the worst thing that occurred) but I know more than 20 people who have. I know at least 2 girls that have been raped my Muslims and I am familiar with two more cases in my broader network (1 gang rape). One girl though was cut badly in the face by Muslims. As such, I guess I should feel lucky or privileged. I live in Oslo West far away from the nearest Muslim enclave as more or less all of them are localised on Oslo East. There is little difference in their level of aggressiveness among the various Muslim groups, regardless if they are from Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, Morocco or Albania.

I do, however, acknowledge that only a small proportion of Muslims are so called "Jihadi youth" but this argument is defeated by the mere fact that the same thing can be said about the Taliban in Pakistan. The Taliban only makes out 1-3% of the population, yet they have caused a civil war. It is apparent that dhimmitude and a bunkered society is the new reality as long as Islam (and individual Muslims) are allowed to move freely in our societies. Our major cities will remain "broken" as long as multiculturalism is allowed to be the prevalent ideology, as long as cultural Marxists are allowed to set the agenda.

15 years – (when I was 15, time: 20.00) - Attempted robbery by Pakistani gang outside a concert. Luckily for me I knew a hardcore Pakistani thug (from the Pakistani A gang in Oslo) who told them I was under his protection. There have been approximately 10 other threatening situations where me and my friends were unharmed.

16 years – (Time: 16.30) - Assault – an older and much stronger/bigger Pakistani hit me without provocation in front of Majorstuenhuset. Apparently, he wanted to subdue me in front of my "friend" Arsalan who apparently had told him to do it. This concluded, for my part, my friendship with him and I re-connected with my old friends after this incident. However, this restricted my territorial freedoms, as I was no longer under the protection of the Oslo Ummah. From now on we would have to arm ourselves whenever we went to parties in case Muslim gangs showed up and we usually chose to stay in our neighbourhoods‘ on Oslo West.

17 years – (Time: 01.30) - Attempted assault and robbery - Us 2, them 3: 2 Pakistanis and 1 wannabe-Pakistani. We were actually heading home after being on the same party together. The wannabe-Pakistani suddenly turned on me without provocation and rallied the other two. Me and my friend had to run as we were unarmed at the time.

17 years – (Time: 23.30) - Assault and attempted robbery - Us 10, them 12 Moroccans. Location Tåsen, Oslo.

They were robbing (collecting Jizya) and beating local kafr/Norwegian kids at Tåsen center, they had done this on numerous occasions. They didn‘t live there but travelled to Tåsen from a Muslim enclave on Oslo East. I was at a party on Tåsen when we heard they had just beaten one of my friends younger brothers. We went there to chase them away from the neighbourhood. They had weapons, we had weapons. I was hit with a billiard pool in the head. Result of the fight: we made a deal with them, they promised they would never return and harass the Tåsen youngsters again.

18 years – (Time: 01.00) - Assault by Pakistani gang outside a club. A friend of mine was attacked without provocation by a gang of 6. I told him to run as they outnumbered us. Result: broken nose.

19 years – (Time: 02.00) - Attempted robbery by two Pakistanis at a bar. I had my friends nearby so I told them to fuck off or I we would bash their faces in (an effective psychological deterrent, most Pakistani thugs have a Neanderthal mentality so to show weakness will only invite to abuse etc;). Pakistanis are usually a lot more cowardly than Northern African Muslims though (I wouldn‘t have tried that strategy on Moroccans‘).

20 years – (Time: 22.00) - Threats and attempted assault - Us 3, them 4. Me and two friends were about to order at Burger King when a Norwegian girl crossed the food queue. As she went by she pushed me, saying; "MOVE, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!". Needless to say, I was very surprised and I managed to stutter the words; "suck my dick, bitch", while perplexed. She ran over to her friends, 4 Moroccans‘ sitting at a corner and just waiting to pick a fight... They approached me (I was alone at the time) and told me they were going to "fuck me up severely" as soon as I left Burger King. I had tear gas on me, as I always have when going out late. However, I decided to go with the "deterrent strategy", so I called my two friends, Erling, a relatively small adopted Columbian, and his friend a relatively big Christian Ugandan. Having established my deterrent, and obviously not interested in fighting these savages (as is my policy with all Muslim bullies under normal circumstances), I went ahead and started negotiating, offering the "Muslim whore" an apology. End result was, we left as a group and had the Muslims follow us until we managed to lose them. The most annoying things about the encounter is that you really can‘t control when you bump into them again. Luckily, a majority of Muslim savages like them live on the East side of town.

21 years – (Time: 01.30) - Attempted assault and robbery - Us 4, them 4. Me and my best friends; Peter, Marius and Martin were out clubbing and drinking. This was actually the first time I smoked (normal cigarettes) and I fainted for a few seconds outside a store not far from the club. This was the first and only time I have fainted in my life btw, lol. Apparently, 4 Albanian Muslims saw this incident and figured I would make an easy target. All 4 of them approached me and tried to rob me. At that time my friends just arrived and they started to threaten them as well as one of them pulled out a knife.

Obviously, we didn‘t want to fight these savages, so we said we would take out some cash for them in an ATM in the nearby Burger King. We called the police as soon as we entered. However, this was Saturday night so we had no luck getting a response. We ordered some food and stayed at Burger King for a little more than an hour, at which point the Muslim savages had left (probably busy robbing other victims).
While I am not so gullible as to take ABB's autobiography as gospel, it's also obvious that he has neither the literary talent nor the imagination to invent these squalid realities.

Robert Spencer and his ilk also need to face another obvious fact: none of this has anything whatsoever to do with the Koran, "jizya" or no "jizya." I've been relieved of my lunchmoney. Who in America hasn't? I'm pretty sure none of the collectors had any familiarity with the suras whatsoever. This is not Muslim behavior. It is human behavior.

The trouble with Oslo isn't that the Norwegian Workers' Party has imported a Muslim underclass - it's that the Norwegian Workers' Party has imported an underclass. If for whatever reasons they'd chosen their immigrants from Papua New Guinea, perhaps Robert Spencer could have become an expert in penis sheaths, noting that all the offenders had wrapped their junk in banana leaves. Instead of converting them to Christianity, he'd want to convert them to underwear. Perhaps not every population can be civilized; every population can be feralized.

It is impossible to separate Breivik the "hip-hop" Norwigga tagger from Breivik the "Knight Templar." In both we see characteristic fauna of our era, one common and the other rare, both absolutely normal. If you ask a lot of people to be angry about the Bronxification of East Oslo, someone is going to act on it. The goal of trumpeting is to obtain power, and the means of power is violence. To denounce violence is to renounce power. To renounce power is to surrender.

So it simply won't wash for conservatives to describe this act as "senseless" or "random" or "inexplicable," like all those inexplicable liberal-inspired terrorists. (Much if not most black-on-white violence in America is best characterized as terrorism, because it proceeds from military, not avaricious or psychopathic, motives.) Nor will it work to rue injustice but suggest that, like Christ, Christians should turn the other cheek. Christ was Christ, perhaps, but humans are humans. And besides, didn't he bring not peace but a sword?

Rather, a right that seeks to win power must accept that violence is a normal, essential and ineradicable aspect of human psychology, as it accepts every other reality. Fantasy is a luxury the powerless cannot afford. Denouncing violence in general is either supine (if sincere) or mendacious (if insincere), and both are equally fantastic and unaffordable. If you demand power, you are demanding violence, since power constitutes the ability to execute violence. If you are not demanding power, what are you demanding? Why are you even talking?

But there is a difference between right and left - and it's just not that the left is in and the right is out. The right stands for order and the left for chaos. Violence is essential to both - but certainly not the same kind of violence.

The left (hilariously still named the "Norwegian Workers' Party" - they should really update their name to match their clients) brought "A-Gjengen" and "B-Gjengen" to Oslo. And the right? There is no Norwegian right. Just Norwegian gangsters, a C-gang if you will. An ABB knows Oslo needs order, but all he can think to do about it is a spectacular gang massacre - basically a giant drive-by. In his heart he's still a tagger. And a Robert Spencer? Tom Paine with a tame Koran. Leftism has devoured our entire civilization, which exists only in its belly.

Can violence bring order to Oslo? Or to Baltimore? Nothing is more certain. Will it? Well, I hope so. I'm not too optimistic at present. Will it involve the mother of all drive-bys? It most certainly will not.

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Right-wing terrorism as folk activism

[Edit: I've improved this post to make it even worse Stalinist linkbait.]

I won't waste time condemning Anders Behring Breivik for being a political murderer. Our society, right or left, has no standing whatsoever for condemning political murder. Che murdered over twice as many of his political enemies. He's a hero to millions.

No one who condones Che, Stalin, Mao, or any other leftist murderer, has any right to ask anyone else to dissociate himself from a rightist who didn't even make triple digits. ABB is a terrorist. Nelson Mandela is a terrorist. Nelson Mandela is the most revered living political figure on our beautiful blue planet. Besides just killing people with bombs, here's the sort of thing "armed struggle" meant to St. Mandela:

On the record, I note, St. Mandela "opposed" the ANC necklacing of "traitors." No - possessed of infinite reserves of human compassion, this living symbol of man's global unity favored a far milder punishment. He just wanted to cut off their noses. Do you need a picture of that, too?

If you ask me to condemn them both, because terrorism is inherently wrong, I can respect you, though I may ask you to think harder. (I don't think terrorism is inherently wrong. I just think right-wing terrorism is inherently wrong.) If you ask me to condemn Anders Breivik, but adore Nelson Mandela, perhaps you have a mother you'd like to fuck.

Brown Scare! Brown Scare! The Brown Scare is on! But then again, when hasn't it been on? Certainly not since your grandpa was a little boy. Can't we get another two minutes' hate for the Nazi Peril? The world progressive community had sure as hell better hope it can raise a new global hard-on over Anders Behring Breivik. If you have Claudia Schiffer on your lap and a gram of Viagra up your nose, and you're still limp, age has finally defeated you.

Age has certainly not defeated us. So as an act of collective defiance, we have to start by praising ABB, in every way we possibly can. What ways are those? Not many.

We can note the only thing he didn't screw up. At least he shot communists, not Muslims. He gored the matador and not the cape. While still basically animal behavior (especially when it comes to the 15-year-olds - is there a 15-year-old in the world who isn't a communist?), it's more than I'd expect from a rogue Gates of Vienna commenter. We should also praise ABB for his spectacular stupidity, which I'd like to think can be a learning experience for the entire right - from Instapundit to Stormfront. You can relax now, because we won't be praising him again.

But we do need to remember that terrorism, left or right, is a legitimate military tactic. Just as a nation that idolizes Che has no genuine moral grounds for condemning ABB, a nation that annihilated Dresden has no genuine moral grounds for condemning OBL. We're not exactly history's pure and precious little snowflake.

For instance, the entire political landscape of postwar France - closely allied, of course, to the great and good of the noble, innocent, grieving Norwegian Labor Party - was created by the 10,000 murders of the épuration sauvage. If you lived in France in 1945 and your political record was anywhere to the right of Larry Beria, you had a pretty good chance of being murdered. Your murderers had zero chance of being punished. Indeed Norway had its own purge, though nowhere near so bloody. I've never seen any liberal pundit shed so much as a milliliter of sterile saline for these events. When they start, I might begin to take their deep moral convictions a little more seriously.

Terrorism - the random killing of defenseless civilians - is an act of war. It needs to be judged by the laws of war, not the laws of peace. ABB's personal hero was the Norwegian resistance fighter Max Manus. Would Max Manus have hesitated to single-handedly wipe out a Nazi Party youth camp? Would Norwegian history books describe him as a hero for doing so? Of course they would. It is impossible to go directly from hypocrisy to morality. A cleansing bath of amoral realism must intervene.

Anders Behring Breivik made war on communist Norway, just as Max Manus made war on fascist Norway, just as Osama bin Laden made war on imperial America, just as Nelson Mandela made war on apartheid South Africa. Terrorism is the normal mode of warfare in our delightful post-WWII utopia. That is, it is the most common way to use force to achieve political objectives. Condemning terrorism, as such, is in every case retarded. You are simply condemning the 20th century. Fine, but where does this leave you?

So let's judge ABB - but let's judge him by the natural and historical laws of war. Ironically, by the (pre-20C) laws of war, ABB does quite poorly.

Whose terrorism is more morally legitimate? The right-wing terrorism of ABB, or the left-wing terrorism of OBL? As a rightist, I am obviously far more in sympathy with the goals of ABB. But by the natural law of war, which no man made and no man can unmake, 9/11 was far more legitimate as a military act than the Utoye massacre. ABB is worse than OBL.

Why? Because the law of war is that all war's carnage, whether it affects "soldiers" or "civilians" (a completely arbitrary distinction) is legitimate if and only if it serves a military purpose. What is a military purpose? Since the purpose of all war is the transfer of political power, a military purpose is a political purpose.

Slaughter that serves no purpose is sadistic, insane, terrible. Slaughter for purpose is the very nature of war, and cannot be separated from it. Since right-wing terrorism does not work, it is illegitimate as a tactic of war. Since left-wing terrorism does work, it is perfectly legitimate. Thus, OBL is legitimate and ABB is not.

Islamic terrorism (which is in every case left-wing - as you can see every time Osama quotes Chomsky) is legitimate because it's effective. It's effective because its political result is to expand the political power and privilege of Muslims and their progressive sponsors. Right-wing terrorism is illegitimate because it's ineffective. It's ineffective because its political result is to contract the political freedom and influence of conservatives (extremist or moderate).

If it was militarily possible to free Norway from Eurocommunism by killing a hundred communists, or a thousand communists, or ten thousand communists, we might have an interesting moral debate over whether this butcher's bill was worth paying. Since it is not possible to free Norway from communism by killing a hundred communists, ie, roughly 0.01% of all the communists in Norway, leaving the other 99.99% with a permanent raging hard-on, no debate is possible. The verdict is clear: illegitimate, ineffective and wrong. I condemn Anders Behring Breivik! So there.

Of course, there are plenty of historical contexts in which right-wing terrorism did work - for instance, Germany in the 1920s. In these contexts, it was legitimate. Conversely, left-wing terrorism was ineffective in the fascist nations, and hence illegitimate.

Why does left-wing terrorism work, and right-wing terrorism not? As Carl Schmitt explained in Theory of the Partisan, terrorist, guerrilla or partisan warfare is never effective on its own. While an effective military strategy, it is only effective as one fork of a pincer attack. The terrorist succeeds when, and only when, he is allied to what Schmitt called an interested third party - either a military or political force.

Left-wing terrorism succeeds as the violent arm of a political assault that would probably be overwhelming in any case. In every case, the terrorist plays Mutt in a Mutt-and-Jeff act. Right-wing terrorism in the modern world is cargo-cult terrorism: Mutt without Jeff. Indeed, in historical cases where right-wing terrorism has been successful, in every case we see it aligned with powerful forces within the state. Right-wing terrorism worked in Weimar Germany, for instance, or prewar Japan, because it aligned with fascist conspiracies in the security forces. Somehow I don't see a lot of that in 2011 Norway.

Thus, we note that there are two responses to terrorism: the natural response and the unnatural response. The natural response is to take revenge on the terrorist and everyone even remotely resembling him. If he is a Muslim, the natural response is to chastise the Muslims. When Grynzspan, a Jew, kills the German vom Rath, the German people must chastise the Jews. And, of course, when a right-wing piece of filth slaughters the cream of the Norwegian Komsomol, all racists and reactionaries are automatically suspect.

The unnatural response - which will not happen by itself, but can be made to happen by a sufficiently powerful psychological-warfare machine - is to look instead at the grievances of the attacker. After all, no one commits terrorism unless he has some complaint. No complaint - no terrorism. Thus while the Nazi response to the terrorism of Grynzspan is to collectively punish the Jews, the Atlantic response to the terrorism of Grynzspan (ineffective and thus illegitimate) is to attribute it to the injustices suffered by the Jews. This of course is also our response to the terrorism of Mandela (effective and thus legitimate).

Actually, there was no nuance at all in the response of the great and the good, the same wise and trusted organs now deploring ABB with the sound of a thousand jet engines, to Nelson Mandela. There's no room for nuance when a saint is in the room. But St. Osama is a bridge too far.

So in typical cases, when the cause is good but the means a little too gory, the interested third party of a successful terrorist campaign adopts a strategy of dualism. Here is our Mutt-and-Jeff act: the unnatural response. We can always tell a Mutt-and-Jeff strategy because Mutt and Jeff have the same demands. Mutt tells you to satisfy these demands, or die. Jeff tells you to satisfy these demands, to "take the wind out of Mutt's sails." Also, Jeff and Mutt are frequently found at the same parties, enjoying the hell out of one another's company.

Thus, Islamic terrorism is productive, because it results in increasing communal deference to the Islamic community and its progressive allies. Fascist terrorism is counterproductive, because it results in increasing communal intolerance toward the fascist community - which of course has no conservative allies.

Rather, the community - whose information source consists almost exclusively of progressive organs - adopts a monist approach, ascribing guilt by association to everyone even remotely resembling a fascist. Ie, everyone to the right of Mitt Romney. Since the monist response is the natural response, it is not at all difficult to orchestrate. The story writes itself.

This gets us to the essence of what's wrong with ABB's thinking. The error of ABB goes far beyond his decision to run wild with a Glock. This is just his specific error.

His general error is what Patri Friedman calls folk activism - a broad pattern of ineffective or counterproductive political action which extends across the entire right-wing spectrum, from moderate libertarians to hardcore neo-Nazis. It's not just that running wild with a Glock is stupid. Almost everything the right does is stupid. Very few rightists are running wild with a Glock, but most are in some way or other guilty of folk activism.

Why did ABB think right-wing terrorism could work? Because ABB grew up in a leftist world, he thinks like a leftist. His heroes are leftist heroes - Max Manus, not Vidkun Quisling. Terrorism works for leftists - and so do many other forms of democratic activism.

Terrorism is anarchism: a shattering of order. Is there such a thing as right-wing anarchism? Of course not: the concept is retarded. If the word "right" means anything, its goal is not to shatter order, but impose it.

Who governs Norway? The Norwegian Labor Party? If an ABB wanted to accomplish something useful, he shouldn't have decimated the Norwegian Labor Party. Rather, he should have joined the Norwegian Labor Party. After all, Chinese communism became fascist - why can't Norwegian communism? ABB could have been Norway's Deng Xiaoping, not its Timothy McVeigh. That's the difference between action and folk activism.

The thoughtful people at (who should move to the US just for their graphic design) have assembled Anders Behving Breivik's comments, which Google Translate does a pretty decent job on. Obviously, Herr Breivik's problem started with his own lying eyes:
Speaking of stubborn multiculturalists. I remember a story from the Oslo newspaper Aftenposten for approx. 6 months ago very good (I find, unfortunately, not this).

I can remember that it was a school in the City Center East, in a class where there was only a single Norwegian boy again (the majority were Muslims). Most others had taken their children out of school. The mother of this boy was, of course, a hardcore Marxist who died and life was to prove that multiculturalism and Islam will be functioning. She refused to move to another area or take him out of school. Her son would prove once and for all that Islamophobes on documents and other cultural conservatives were wrong and that it WAS possible.

The poor boy was harassed for several years until satisfactory one day he began to self harm. He told his marxistmor that he wanted to die. Only after this the mother realized that she had been wrong. The result was that they moved to another neighborhood and changing schools.

So one should not underestimate the fact how "hardcore" some of these kulturmarxistene is. I'm sure some of these actually had sacrificed their own children just to prove this sick Marxist theory.

But there are, after all, some justice up in it all. The positive for us, the cultural conservatives, is that we are among the first to protect our children, we move to safe areas where our children do not need to live in dhimmitude.

It is often the children of the boundless naive and Marxist kids who end up as victims. The irony here is that those who survive with psyche intact ends up as a dedicated cultural conservatives or to with which etnosentrerte of great frustration for their kulturmarxistiske or humanist parents:))
I have left Google's delightful Norwegianisms intact. I'm sure you can translate them.

Note this emphasis on victimology. ABB is following the exact script of left-wing terrorism. Why does he commit his bloody deeds? Because he is a victim. He is persecuted. Personally, in fact:
Non-Muslim youth in Oslo aged 12-18 are in a particularly vulnerable situation in terms of harassment of Muslim youth. I myself am born and raised here and chose out of necessity to the friendships / alliances with A and B team to move freely. The alternative is that you stick to your neighborhood or west side. I know of hundreds of incidents where non-Muslims were robbed, beaten and harassed by Muslim gangs.

My friend aged 12-17 was Pakistan that I was one of the protected sphere "potatoes" who had protection. But I saw hypocrisy at close range and was disgusted. Muslim gangs have / could devastate free (racism / Jihad behavior), while all attempts "potatoes" do / did to make the same thread are systematically stamped on racism and deconstructed by the local police.
Well, as Leonard Pitts put it, cry me a river!

Of course ABB and his fellow "potatoes" (perhaps any Nordic readers can enlighten us on the meaning - is this Norwegian for "wigga"?) are victims. When your country is conquered by ruthless communists, which import a new people to oppress the old one, you don't think you're going to be robbed, beaten and harassed in your own former capital city? Hypocrisy is a prerogative of the rulers. Submission is a duty of the ruled. Bend over, Norwegians.

Don't forget, the British were the first to violate Norway's sovereignty in 1940. Was Norway liberated? Sure - she was liberated by German fascism in 1940, then liberated back by Allied communism in 1945. Arguably, Norway has been a tool of British diplomacy since the Royal Navy liberated her from Denmark. Norway is the bargirl of Scandinavia. She's so liberated, she's lubricated. Just slap her butt and she presents obligingly. It's only a question of who will liberate her next - the Russians or the Chinese. I'm sure she can't wait.

What ABB is doing here is, in plain non-Google English, whining. Whining is the act either of a slave, or a bitch. The slave whines to his master. Master, the overseer is beating me! And so, the protected minority whines to the communist judge. Whitey call' me a bad name! But ABB would be a free man - who, then is he whining to? He's whining to nobody. He's whining because, having grown up on heroic Nelson Mandela, he thinks he can free himself and his nation by a combination of (a) whining and (b) mass murder.

The entire spectrum of right-wing folk activism, from pointless whining through spectacular terrorism, is what Roissy would call "beta." It is strictly man-bitch behavior. Look, if you think Norway should be ruled by patriotic, axe-wielding, Odin-worshipping Vikings rather than Euroquisling kulturmarxistene, I agree! A gelded and humiliated Norway, mentally sodomized by her raceless, epicene internationalist masters as she gradually morphs into Somalia North, is a pathetic and sickening spectacle. Haakon the Fairhaired could not possibly approve.

What would Haakon the Fairhaired do about it? That would depend on whether he had any viable options, or didn't. If he could do something that worked, he would. If not, he wouldn't. He certainly was neither a man-bitch, nor a mass-murderer.

What strikes the reactionary observer about all this beta folk-activism, harmless or lethal, is its enormous intellectual timidity, to the point of cowardice. Do you want to turn back the clock in Norway? If so, why are you stuck in the 20th century? Do you hate communism? Why are all your models for dissent and change and rebellion straight out of the communist playbook?

A restoration of traditional, pre-liberal or even pre-Christian Norway is a herculean task of social and political engineering. It cannot possibly be carried on without absolute sovereignty. Indeed, the task of eradicating liberal institutions and liberal culture in Norway, though tremendous (and itself requiring absolute sovereignty), pales before the much more difficult task of recreating a genuine Norwegian society that isn't a ridiculous theme-park joke.

The idea that any incremental political change, achieved by any sort of "activism" (from mass whining to mass murder), can advance this project in any way at all, is inherently retarded. It's as if you wanted to replace your horse with a BMW, so you start by cutting off one of your horse's hooves and whittling it into a crude, wheel-like disc.

Rather, any significant regime change can happen only in one step. The stable must become a garage. There is no way to have a combined stable and garage, which contains a means of transportation which is half a horse and half a BMW. There is no way to have a Norway which is half communist and half Crusader, let alone 99.9% communist and 0.1% Crusader.

Furthermore, it's very hard to imagine any successful regime change which involves killing, imprisoning, deporting or otherwise liquidating the former ruling elite. You'd certainly have to bump off a lot more Young Pioneers if you want to eradicate Norwegian communism this way. I will certainly concede that it is theoretically possible to conduct regime change via aristocide, if you're going to be really thorough about the matter. But think of the impact on the gene pool. Does Norway really need a Pol Pot?

Rather, if you're going to change Norway into something new, you need the present ruling class of Norway to join and follow you. Or at least, you'll need their children. Rape is beta. Seduction is alpha. Don't slaughter the youth camp - recruit the youth camp.

After all, how in 2011 can anyone genuinely, truly, believe in "kulturmarxisme"? They think they do - just like that pretty girl thinks she's looking for a sensitive, new-age guy. But actually what brought the cream of young Norway to Utoye was the blind, eternal human quest for good old political power. Can you find a way to offer them that? Haakon the Fairhaired would...